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When to Use:

  • Anytime
  • Post-Workout



  • For best results, mix (1) scoop of Ration with 120 - 180 ml of your favorite beverage post workout or anytime throughout the day that you need an additional protein snack. For individuals under 90 kg, use (1) scoop per serving; for individuals over 90 kg, use (2) scoops per serving.



  • Repairs muscle damage from training
  • Excellent cooking protein
  • Hydrolysate & Concentrate Blend
  • Tastes delicious
  • Mixes extremely well


Treat your taste buds and muscles to exactly what they deserve, a forceful serving of whey protein hydrolysate and concentrate ready to saturate your muscles and increase your recovery following intense workouts.



Ration is like the Swiss Army Knife of supplements. Its versatility is as impressive as its amino acid profile. Chug it down after your workout or sip it throughout the day as part of a quick and easy protein drink. It is also a great option as a cooking protein due to the heighted taste of a blended protein.



By supplementing with Ration, you are putting yourself in the most ideal anabolic state for building new muscle and losing body fat. If you take your training and recovery seriously, consider Ration to be part of your new daily regimen.

RedCon1 - Ration Whey Protein [5 LBS]

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