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When to use:

  • Anytime



  • As a dietary supplement, take 3 CARNIVOR BEEF AMINOS tablets twice daily to supply additional high quality amino acids to support muscle building and repair.



CARNIVOR BEEF AMINOS harness the anabolic qualities of beef in the ultra-concentrated and ultra-convenient form of a tablet without any of the fat, cholesterol or excess calories. 100% Pure Beef Aminos for sustained muscle building.


  • Pure Hydrolyzed Beef Protein Isolate
  • Desiccated Beef Liver & Albumin
  • Alpha-keto acids GKG, OKG and KIC
  • Growth Factors IgG, IGF-1 & TGFB
  • Enhanced with Creatine and BCAAs


MUSCLE MEDS - Carnivor Beef Aminos [300 Tablets]

  • Goods sold is not returnable, refundable or exchange.

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