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Glutamine: Beneficial Amino Acid

Glutamine is the single most abundant amino acid found in the skeletal muscular system and is heavily metabolized during endurance and weight training conditions. Clinical studies reveal that supplementation with glutamine helps support recovery after intense training by promoting energy repletion, maintaining a healthy immune system, buffering against lactic acid build-up and most importantly increasing muscular growth. Additionally, studies have found that consuming supplemental glutamine stimulates the release of growth hormone, volumizes your muscle cells and promotes intestinal integrity increasing the absorption of other nutrients. Glutamine also helps control the toxic ammonia that occurs within individuals who weight train or are on a carb-restricted diet. Because your body will digest its own muscle to get glutamine, providing an outside source of this amino acid during times of heavy training or dieting prevents that catabolism.

In the fitness industry, glutamine is what we call the "Anabolic Amino Acid". Used in conjunction with weight training, this supplement can produce exceptional results in strength, muscle growth, and accelerated fat loss. Glutamine is a powerful anti-catabolic supplement and is compared to the popular supplement creatine.

Are they the same?

Although both supplements have similar characteristics, they are not the same. They complement each other very well and produce great results stacked together. This will not be the first or last time you hear about this combination or "stack". glutamine is often overlooked by individuals who supplement. After whey protein, glutamine is the most powerful and effective way to build and tone muscle. Supplementing with glutamine so it can recover fully allows you to get better results from your workouts.



Glutamine should be taken at the following times of the day in order of importance:

  1. Postworkout- 5- 10 grams should be included in a postworkout drink. Add 30-100 grams of carbs, 30-50 grams of whey protein and 3-5 grams of creatine for best results.

  2. Bedtime- 5- 10 grams taken with a protein meal or drink.

  3. Morning- 5- 10 grams taken upon awakening with breakfast.

  4. Preworkout- 2- 5 grams in a preworkout drink. Add a small amount of carbs, whey protein and creatine for a great preworkout shake.


Note: On off-days from training take 5- 10 grams of glutamine with breakfast and at bedtime.

Summary of Benefits

  • Enhances Muscle Recovery

  • Stimulates Release of Growth Hormone

  • Volumizes Muscle Cells

  • Reduces Muscle Soreness

  • Helps Control Toxic Ammonia

  • Enhances Immune System

  • Decreases Cravings for Sweets and Sugar

  • Used in Protein Synthesis

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